We strive to deliver a quality in any of IT projects that we involve. We involve in commissioning multiple types of projects based on our clients specifications such as maintaining our customer’s Oracle databases, applications and infrastructures, offering them with AWS cloud services and implementing a financial system, named KERISI SAGA. Besides these, we do have an integration platform called CORRAD API Platform that is perfectly work with our CORRAD Application Development framework which has been widely used by many agencies in government and private sectors. Here are our solutions packages:

KERISI SAGA Financial Information System is an integrated and comprehensive computerized financial management system starting from the budget management process to the financial reporting facility.

SMART is an implementation, training and managed service offering for Oracle Databases, MySQL and MsSQL. Also includes servers ranging from HP, Dell and IBM. Last but not least, covering networking appliances like security and loadbalancer

CORRAD - Development Framework

CORRAD design and development tailored for LOCAL software development environment. We understand local software development culture, ethic and scenario, we blended these ingredients and put more flavor in this software with our experience and expertise to inverted CORRAD as the world class development software.


An approach based on industry best practices is important to avoid the possibility of unauthorized data-related issues being incorporated into new systems, thus affecting the data reliability of the system.

We are not alone in delivering quality IT projects. We leverage on years of experience and skills, collaboration with leading technology providers such as becoming a partner to Oracle in database technology/ platform, distributor and implementer to CORRAD Application development framework which is the main development framework for KERISI SAGA, a financial system that we have developed together with ANSI Systems Sdn Bhd. We gradually develop our skills in AWS technology offerings as well, in order to cater the growing needs in cloud computing nowadays. In summary, we develop specific target core competencies and solutions internally and partner with other technology/solution provider as well as third party provider(s) for our maintenance projects.